We provide the following services:

  • Photo 25-06-2014 10 05 04Tree removal: Removal of dead or dangerous trees.
  • Tree felling: Cutting the tree at the base using felling cuts and dropping it in one section.
  • Dead wood removal: Removing dead and dying limbs.
  • Pruning: Pruning or maintenance of any trees, including fruit trees.
  • Hedge maintenance and removal.
  • Crown lifting: Removing the lower limbs to increase the height clearance underneath the crown.
  • Crown thinning: Removing a percentage of branches to reduce the weight in the canopy and increasing light penetration.
  • Crown reduction: Pruning the branches back all over the tree to reduce the size of the crown.
  • Sectional felling: Where there is limited space, we can cut the tree down in many sections (for example in a garden).
  • Pollarding: Taking the top off the tree and removing overgrown branches.
  • Storm damage: Safely removing trees and branches affected by wind and storms.
  • Wood chipping: Chopping wood and debris into small chippings using our chipper.
  • LPhoto 21-06-2014 13 06 51 (1)ogging: Cutting the wood into logs for fuel. Logs are available – please contact us.
  • Protected trees (Tree preservation orders and conservation areas): We can provide advice on what needs to be done to protected trees and can liaise with the local council on your behalf when applying to do the work. If required we can then apply to carry out the agreed work for you.
  • Tree surveys: We are able to carry out detailed tree surveys comprising visual and aerial inspections presented in a technical report.
  • Disease diagnostics: Diagnosis of diseases and treatments